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Poles - not just for ligting​

Large stock - many models on stock or ​special manufactured

Our pole department is spread out across the country with offices in Frederikssund, Bjæverskov and Silkeborg. We have a large selection of poles in stock with immediate delivery. Combined with our delivery route that covers the entire country on a weekly basis can we guarantee a quick delivery.

Is it on the other hand special manufactured poles you need for your project you have also come to the right place. We mean it when we say that we have got the largest assortment of poles in Denmark.

You can see the different types of poles we at DAV NORDIC delivers beneath here. 

Standard poles

Ordinary poles in steel and aluminum ​for everything from lighting to cameras.

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Passive safety poles

The safest and best passive safety poles on the market

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Signal poles

Here are poles for signaling systems.

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Wirepoles for suspension and  fastening in heights

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Poles for signing

Poles for signs and other panels

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Lattice pole

Lightly constructed pole with extremely high carrying capacity - even in incredible heights

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Unique design and efficient functionality in 

one pole

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ALU Round

A flexible and innovative lighting pole

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A simple pole with a majestic appearance

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High masts

Ordinary poles in steel and aluminum ​for everything from lighting to cameras.

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Design poles

Turn up architectural details with designpoles

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You are always welcome to contact us

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Denmark's broadest assortment of poles and additional supplies

We design, produce, and deliver all types of poles. Both those for lighting and those that send other hardware high into the air. We are doing our best. Endeavor to offer the best products within the mast category by collaborating with the best suppliers and having the best production. We believe this is important to constantly stay relevant and earn your trust.​

A strong organizaition gives you good ​service and quality

Technical advice and support

We are happy to advise and guide you in your choice of poles, additional supplies and foundations. In addition to our skilled technical salespeople, we also employ our own engineers. We offer calculations of poles from 0 m to ∞ m (the tallest pole we have delivered to date is 120 m high). Our own program is approved for calculating poles up to 18 metres. For poles over 18 metres, we have a fixed collaboration with an impartial engineering company.


Through daily handling and contact with both our own production and suppliers, our purchasing department in 2020 has had more than 10,000 poles through their system. For you, this means that we know the importance of delivery security for your products.

​ Quality

We offer you a firmly established system to document and prove the high quality of our products. Structural engineer, design studio and self-inspection are elements that together ensure you a quality department whose daily driving force is the quality control of poles: to ensure and document the quality in which your poles are delivered.

Storage and logistics

We offer flexibility and availability via our own weekly goods route – regardless of where in the country you need to have your poles delivered. Delivery of poles is a practical but unseen important detail when your project is to run smoothly and we take pride in offering you this detail.​