Protec Pole –  steelpole that increases traffical safety​

A compliant steel pole with a beautiful finish and a focus on safety

The Protec Pole from DAV NORDIC is a round-conical steel pole that looks like a regular steel pole but plays an active role in road safety. The poles blend in seamlessly as they are stylistically indistinguishable and are also a good choice for locations with a high risk of collision between car and pole. 

Protec Poles are made of hot-dip galvanized steel according to DS/EN ISO 1461 and are CE-marked based on load calculations according to EN 40-3-3-3, which means they can withstand Danish weather and wind conditions. Furthermore, they are CE-marked according to EN 12767 as compliant in the HE-70 C S NS BD class. 

Protec Pole is compliant in the HE class, which means that in the event of a collision, it reduces the speed of the car in a controlled manner so that the collision does not cause too much damage to the people in the car. In the event of a collision, the pole will collapse around the car. The advantage of this is that in a collision, there are no flying or other loose pole parts that could injure others in the area.

Installation and foundation

Protec Pole must be installed on a cast concrete foundation placed 15-20 cm below ground level. In the event of a collision, the pole remains anchored to the foundation, making it easy to replace the pole after a collision. The fact that the pole remains anchored to the foundation also ensures that the pole does not cause further damage to the surroundings.

Good design and many possibilities for new expressions

Protec Poles are laser welded, leaving the pole with a smooth and almost invisible joint. All Protec Poles can be either powder coated or wet painted in a RAL color of your choice. The surface treatment is carried out according to EN 12499. It is also possible to have the Protec Pole delivered with a special topcoat, which with its anti-graffiti and anti-sticker surface is a good tool against vandalism. This ensures easy cleaning and low operating costs over the lifetime of the pole. 

Protec Pole is also available as a combi pole, where it comes with two hatches. This offers the possibility to mount both lights and signal lanterns on the same pole, optimizing space usage and reducing costs.​

Light poles cases

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