Project planning and dimensioning
of your noise reduction solution

Project planning and dimensioning

DAV NORDIC helps you adapt your noise reduction project so that the solution is tailored to the specific and local conditions. When DAV NORDIC projects and dimensions, it is our focus to design and project a noise-reducing solution that effectively meets the necessary noise reduction needs. We have a strong focus on, already in the initial phase, designing and projecting solutions that can be effectively established. Ensuring an efficient installation is part of the craftsmanship that we are extra proud of and are often praised for…​

​Our noise screen department consists of a team with broad practical experience and theoretical knowledge. The team includes both project managers and engineers with a wide range of experience within different professional areas. We have divided the work with noise-reducing solutions into 10 phases, and we are helpful in all 10 phases. We help e.g. with drawings, calculations, purchasing and assembly.

​With the help of all staff functions in DAV NORDIC such as purchasing, safety and quality and finance, you are always guaranteed a broad palette of competence to help with your noise reduction solution.

You can read more about the entire organization behind DAV NORDIC here.

We are always ready to help you further with your project. Do you have questions, would you like an offer or are you interested in sparring about possible solutions? Then contact us through the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Noise reduction cases

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