A traffic protection solution for all purposes​

DAV NORDIC is the sole distributor of the traffic protection system from the internationally leading developer, REBLOC.

Varity of combinations

​It is possible to use the system exclusively as a traffic protection, but it can also be combined with respectively: noise screen, fence, railing, mast and with the option of special solutions.It can be used both on roads, bridges and in the city as screening.All elements fit together, so the combination possibilities are almost endless.

The system can work both as a temporary solution and as a permanent solution.It is also possible to connect REBLOC to an existing guardrail.It can also be connected with other similar systems, steel and in-situ concrete elements.​

On REBLOC’s website, they offer a very good product selection guide, so if you want to take a closer look at the various products, or are looking for something specific, you can find the guide here.

​Production and safety

​The traffic protection system consists of precast concrete elements and currently has more than 200 load tests behind it, so it is extremely well tested. All REBLOC products are tested according to the European standard EN 1317.

The advantage of this system is that the production method means that a stable, high-quality product can be delivered. It can also be installed at any time of the year.

The SWITCH mounting system also means that it can initially be used as a temporary solution and later be moved and used as a permanent shield. This system also means that it can be mounted on different surfaces and does not require a special foundation. In addition, it is efficient to repair, as you can replace the individual elements in the row and do not have to remove the entire row. This means less time on the road and less heavy work.

​If you are interested in reading more about the options within the traffic protection system from REBLOC, you can read more about their solutions here.


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