Outdoor steel stairs for infrastructure, urban spaces and facilities

​At DAV NORDIC we design, produce and install steel stairs for industry, infrastructure or construction projects. We have extensive experience with both stairs, handrails, handrails and railings. We deliver tailor-made, high-quality forging solutions, whether in connection with a road, a track body, a city park or other public area.

We can supply stairs for both indoor and outdoor projects.

​Contact us for offers on stairs, railings, handrails or steel handrails

Get an offer for a staircase or a non-binding interview with one of our competent project managers. You are welcome to contact us at 86 82 29 00 or write to us at info@davnordic.dk.

Steel for infrastructure cases

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Stål til infrastruktur

Frank Petersen

Technical Manager
+45 26 30 74 43

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