​ALU Round

Aesthetics and environmental friendliness in one light pole

Our ALU Round poles are architect-designed. They are developed based on years of experience, as well as ongoing research and product development in road safety. ALU Round poles are the perfect match between aesthetics and environmental considerations. ALU Round comes in either a conical or cylindrical version. Whichever you choose, you get an architectural, lightweight and practical pole. 

ALU Round is an obvious choice if you want to consider the environment. ALU Round poles are certified 100% COneutral production, as the poles are made from recycled aluminum. In addition, the CO2 emissions that occur during transportation, for example, are compensated for by supporting CO2-reducing projects.

ALU Round as a passive safety pole

ALU Round poles are CE-marked and their compliance is calculated according to EN 12767. ALU Round is compliant in class NE, which means that the pole is compliant, but there is little controlled braking of the car. ALU Round poles in class NE are practical to use in places where a lot of weight must be carried and where there are few vulnerable road users who could be injured. Such a pole is cheaper than an HE or LE mast and can be used in open areas where the speed limit is above 50 km/h. 

In the event of a collision, the pole will reduce the speed of the car and then leave its foundation and move across the roof of the car, landing on the road behind the car. Therefore, these poles are practical in locations where there is not a high risk of injury in the event of a collision. 

You can further reinforce the pole by adding an inner tube at the base of the pole. The extended reinforcement tube reinforces the area around the pole hatch and has a built-in mounting rail for easy installation of electronic components. For questions regarding this custom solution, please contact us.

There is a wide range of accessories available for ALU Round poles. They typically need to be mounted with wing foundations, fuse inserts can be fitted and there is a wide selection of arms. This makes it possible to meet both practical and aesthetic requirements.

ALU Round as a sign and signal pole

ALU Round poles ensure a beautiful overall impression and deliver a design that is not only attractive, but also practical and functional. ALU Round poles  can support virtually all types of signal lanterns, signs and lighting fixtures. The advantage of the many options in the ALU Round poles is that it is easy to create a uniform and aesthetic overall impression, no matter what need is met with the ALU Round pole. 

All our ALU Round sign and signal poles  are manufactured with alloy 6063T6 and are thus defined as marine corrosion class 2. This makes them particularly suitable for placement on road networks and waterfronts – places with harsh weather environments. 

Many possible solutions for appearance and function

Signal lanterns or signs are mounted with a “POP groove”, which means that mounting and positioning is both flexible and easy. Signal lanterns and signs can be placed around the entire circumference and height of the pole. 

It is possible to have the poles delivered with pre-drilled holes for mounting. ALU Round sign and signal poles are delivered with natural anodizing, but it is possible to have it anodized in other colours on request.

The anodizing can also be done with an extra shiny effect. It is also possible to have the sign and signal poles powder-coated in a RAL color of your choice. 

ALU Round as a combi pole

ALU Round is also available as a combi pole, which is practical as you can save both space and money by having fewer poles. The benefits of a combi pole are clear, as it allows you to mount both light fittings and signal lanterns on the same pole. 

Combination masts are the epitome of functionality. They are designed with two hatches, which allows for separate fuse inserts to be installed. In addition, they save space, purchasing costs and operating costs as there are fewer poles to purchase and maintain.

Light poles cases

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