SECURIMAT® passive safety poles in steel – A choice for high security​

Passive safety poles increase road safety in the event of an accident and can prevent the accident from escalating

SECURIMAT poles from DAV NORDIC are the perfect solution in areas with a high risk of collision between cars and poles. They look similar to our standard conical steel poles, so the overall impression is maintained. However, these poles can do something completely different than the classic conical steel poles. They improve road safety in the event of an accident. 

The poles are designed so that they do not leave the foundation in the event of a collision. This means that they slow down the car either completely or partially without harming others in the area (e.g. loose flying mast parts). SECURIMAT poles are HE-70 approved, which means that the pole can be used on all roads up to 70 km/h. 

Technical specifications

The poles are manufactured in hot-dip galvanized steel according to DS/EN ISO 1461 and are CE marked with load calculations according to EN 40 regarding maximum top load and wind surface. In addition, they can be supplied with a special topcoat that is both anti-sticker and anti-graffiti, according to the ASTM D6578 standard, which ensures a long service life and low operating costs for operation and maintenance. 

The SECURIMAT pole’s foundation is what makes it special

SECURIMAT passive safety roundconical steel poles work by specially designed slots that yield on impact, causing the pole to fold around the car and slow it down. These slots are located underground. It is the combination of the design of the pole, the soil surrounding it and the foundation that makes the mast compliant. This also means that compliance varies depending on the type of soil. The poles are mounted on a concrete foundation 60 centimeters into the ground, which also makes it easy to replace the pole after a collision. The foundations can either be cast on site or delivered prefabricated.  

SECURIMAT poles are the obvious choice if you want to provide users in the area with the best possible safety in the event of an accident, while maintaining a simple and uniform appearance by making the masts look like ordinary non-passive safety poles. 

Light poles cases

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