​Passive safety octagonal conical steel poles – Poles for lighting

​Steel poles that increase traffic safety while also serving as lighting poles

Octagonal steel poles  from DAV NORDIC are a passice safety pole, making them practical to use along roads, in roundabouts or at traffic lights. The great advantage of these passive safety poles are that they can help save lives and generally ensure greater road safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

It is possible to mount lighting fixtures on both the top and the arm, so the pole can be used as a lighting pole while also playing a major role in road safety. The pole has its own unique expression as it is octagonal, which gives a different experience than the classic poles with their more organic and round shapes. 

Technical specifications

Passive safety octagonal steel poles are manufactured in hot-dip galvanized steel according to DS/EN 1461. The steel poles are available in heights between 6 and 12 meters, with a pole top of Ø48 mm x 240 mm. In addition, the poles are supplied with external hatches and foot flanges p c/c 250 mm and can be mounted on either steel or concrete foundations.

Light poles cases

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