Camera pole – the most stabile pole for the job ​

Camera poles efficiently fulfill your surveillance needs

Do you have an area that requires high-quality surveillance? Then DAV NORDIC’s camera pole is the solution to your problem. 

Our camera poles are available in cylindrical, conical, and stepped versions, so you can get the look and function you’re looking for. Our camera poles are especially used in areas where CCTV is required, i.e. where surveillance is needed for access control. 

Our camera poles are highly functional and provide an extremely stable base for your surveillance. This makes DAV NORDIC camera poles particularly suitable for video surveillance with zoom. The poles have a maximum deflection of 0.5% at a load of 0.1 m² and a weight of 10 kg according to DS/EN 40 Eurocode 1. Their stability is comparable to the best lattice poles.​

Camera poles have many smart features that ensure low maintenance and stable operation

All our camera poles are CE marked and are calculated according to EN 40-3-3. They can be supplied with a topcoat that is both anti-sticker and anti-graffiti, ensuring low operating costs for maintenance. 

We guarantee a minimum lifetime of 25 years in C3 environments. All our camera poles must be cast in shrink-free concrete. They are delivered with foot flanges and can also be delivered with a concrete foundation. 

Our camera poles are also available as tilt poles (a feature that allows them to be tilted so you can reach the top without a lift). This makes it incredibly easy to maintain and adjust the camera when needed.​

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