Filigran – ​a sculptural mast with thoughtful functionality

A reinterpreted and aesthetic lattice mast

The sculptural, conical Filigran pole is a modern interpretation of the well-known lattice masts. Despite its almost transparent appearance, the pole adds an aura of grandeur to its surroundings and is an eyecatching element in any environment. 

The characteristic structure of the pole can be beautifully highlighted with LED uplighting. A small architectural stroke of genius that creates an exciting lighting experience in urban spaces.

Filigran comes in several variants

The architect-designed lightweight pole is available in three variants: 

  • Two lighting poles in different heights
  • A lower park pole

Individually, Filigran poles are beautiful landmarks and together they create a contrasting synergy that is ideal for decorating roads, open spaces and parks. The flexible Filigree pole can be combined with a wide range of luminaires​.

Light poles cases

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