Other noise reduction ​

Not all noise reduction are screens. DAV NORDIC also carries out other types of outdoor noise reduction.

​Noise reduction outdoors is most often abandoned by requirements for how much noise a business, a road or another noise source must make in a boundary. Sometimes, the best solution is not to put up a noise barrier. It may also be that you have a noise screen set up in advance, but that it does not dampen the noise sufficiently.

​Such solutions are always special solutions and are typically needed in situations where the noise source is located differently than usual, where it is necessary to cover an existing shell or construction due to lack of space for a classic noise shield, or there is a design desire for an alternative solution.

​We advise, project, deliver and install the special solution needed to reduce noise in your project. We benefit from the many years of experience we have in solving noise problems along the road and railway networks in Denmark. Based on the right business partners and suppliers, DAV NORDIC has access to all relevant products. This benefits you, because regardless of what requirements you make, DAV NORDIC has a solution.

​Below you will find a description of situations in which we have already helped customers reduce noise. These are just examples of noise-reducing solutions where screens or walls are not the solution.​

Noise reduction over the shooting range and other outdoor areas

Shooting range installations or other outdoor areas where the activities are noisy for the neighbors may have the potential for sound attenuation with suspended sound baffles. This type of noise reduction is highly effective and the results are remarkable. The specific solution varies from project to project and with access to a wide range of products, DAV NORDIC always ensures the right solution for the project.

​Outdoor sound-absorbing clothing

In some situations, it may be an option to cover an existing construction with a noise-absorbing coating. This can be, for example, on a building, at goods delivery gates, car parks, factories and existing screens. We solved such a task on the Silkeborg Motorway, where we retrofitted a sound-absorbing coating on the existing noise screen.

Noise reduction cases

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