Corten poles – a special type of steel​

​Modern and durable corten steel poles

Corten steel poles are used in many areas, environments and situations. With its burnished and rusty surface, the pole is distinctive and blends discreetly with its surroundings. A corten steel pole is a design decision that will stand out for some and blend in for others. A perfect solution in, for example, urban areas where other elements of the space are also made of corten steel.

Corten steel has a long lifespan without post-treatment

The rusty look has won the hearts of many and is used in many infrastructure structures today. Lighting poles are no exception. And we understand why, because in addition to being a safe architectural choice, corten steel poles also offer excellent durability. 

This is because corten steel is a type of steel that has a slower soak time than regular mild steel, but at the same time rusts quickly on the surface. Corten steel is also known as a corrosion-resistant steel. The lifespan of these types of poles is therefore incredibly long. 

The reason for this increased resistance to corrosion/penetration (compared to traditional black steel) is that the corten steel forms an adhesive, protective layer on its surface when exposed to the elements. This layer protects the steel and will actually regenerate when exposed to normal weather conditions. The process stabilizes after 2-3 years, after which corrosion almost completely ceases.

Did you know…

Have you ever wondered where the word “corten” (or cor-ten, if you want to use the correct term) comes from? The word comes from the term “corrosion resistant high tensile steel”.

Corten steel poles delivered according to your wishes 

Corten steel poles will always be custom-made according to your wishes and needs.

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