Truck protection and impact protection

Building protection, impact protection and bollards

DAV NORDIC offers a range of protection products to increase occupational safety and reduce injuries in production halls, warehouses, parking garages, gate locks, etc. If you are a private warehouse and/or production company that needs to increase safety and reduce accidents in the workplace, read on here:

The range includes truck protection, building protection, impact protection, bollards, fender strips or a special solution for your needs. With a customized building guard, you increase the safety of your employees in the workplace.

Many accidents or damage to warehouse or production are caused by a truck in operation. You can prevent this by installing a truck guard, which ensures that in the event of an accident, the least possible damage to material occurs and personal injury is completely avoided

​The truck protection is also used to protect buildings, shelving, machines and workstations from damage caused by either trucks, pallet trucks, or other vehicles that move around the locations

7 advantages of our truck protection

  • Robust yet compliant thanks to rubber pads
  • Long-lasting with a uniform appearance
  • Removable and easy to repair
  • Reflective bracket – easy to see in the dark
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Competitive price
  • Measurement, delivery and installation included in the price​

​We measure, deliver and install

We measure, deliver and install the protection according to your wishes. The way you decide which solution can suit your project is up to you: We are happy to come out and measure up on the spot where you want to protect and increase security, so that together we can find the right solution.

We can also make an offer based on your drawings and information.

You are always welcome to contact us at or write to us via the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

DAV NORDIC’s truck guards and bollards are available in several versions:

​Standard galvanized steel and yellow powder coating. If it needs to be extra durable, we also supply the product with a surface treatment that ensures an extremely resistant and scratch-resistant surface in yellow finish. The truck guard can be delivered in different heights and made according to your needs. Whether it is to secure a storage rack, workstation, load-bearing column, etc., the truck guard can be delivered at the desired height.

In addition, our bollards are also available in different heights and colors. We can supply and install solid bollards and integrated bollards according to your needs and project specifications.

Security measures give your company a good image

​With our truck guards, your production, warehouse or outdoor areas appear as a safe and secure place to move around – both for your employees, but also for your guests. This helps give your company a more credible image.

Make your security measures more visible

​If you already have truck protection installed, but find that it is often overlooked and hit, then you may need to make your safety measures more visible. In this situation, we offer to dismantle the old and install a new and more eye-catching solution in yellow. If reflectors are fitted again, safety is increased again and the number of accidents is minimized.

​With 90 years of experience in road safety, we have learned that the yellow color has a strong visibility that attracts the attention of the driver. It is considered a warning color.


Rubberbacking ​

​To make the truck guard more flexible and permissible, we offer to install a rubber base under each post. The rubber surface must absorb the vehicle’s (e.g. truck) energy of movement and thus reduce the impact in the event of an impact. Without a rubber base, there is a risk that the post will bend or the plate will be dented in the event of a collision and must be replaced. If there is a place in your warehouse or production that is most often hit, it will be a good idea to get a truck protection with rubber pads.


​To make the building protection more visible when it is dark (often in winter), you have the option of purchasing robust steel reflectors, which are mounted as part of the system.

​Assembly and repair

Our protective products are delivered ready-made and ready for installation directly to the desired location, whether indoors or outdoors.

​The construction of the guard is robust, but at the same time permissible, which means fewer repairs. Should the accident still occur, our fitters can easily and quickly make the repairs on site.

​8 examples of places the building protection can be used

  • Protection at gates and doorways
  • Production areas or machinery where heavy vehicles are driven in close proximity
  • Bookcase protection
  • Extra measure bolted to the floor as “pallet stop”
  • Truck guards mounted to protect concrete columns
  • Protection at stairwells and ramps, etc.
  • Protection of installation cabinets, chemistry rooms, crew rooms, etc.
  • Protection along indoor walls and exterior facades

Road Safety cases

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