Aluminum poles as an active contributor to the cityscape

DAV NORDIC’s aluminum poles have a wide range of applications and can be used on pedestrian streets, along roads and in parking lots. The aluminum pole is a classic pole that can be designed virtually as desired. 

The aluminum pole can be supplied painted in any RAL color with the option of anti-sticker and anti-graffiti treatment. Surface treatments, either painting or anodizing, help to extend the lifespan and reduce operating costs.

Specifications and options

All our aluminum masts are anodized according to EN ISO 6581 and are CE marked with load calculations according to EN 40-3-3 (maximum top plastic and wind surface). Depending on the height, aluminum poles can either be supplied with foot flanges for foundation mounting or for burial. 

As standard, aluminum poles are available in heights between 3 and 10 meters and with a top diameter of either Ø 60, 76 or 115 mm. The bottom diameter can range between Ø114-180 mm. We can also custom make elements, such as conical or cylindrical pieces. This enables many options for lighting fixtures and arms. 

Resilience in a lighting column

A major advantage of aluminum poles is that they are always compliant by default. This means that the pole also plays an active role in the fight for better road safety – and can ultimately help save lives. If you are looking for a compliant pole with lighting options, DAV NORDIC aluminum poles are the right choice.​

Light poles cases

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