The Curve ​pole celebrates the organic shape

The Curve pole challenges the laws of nature with its harmonious curve

With this architect-designed pole, DAV NORDIC offers a designclass pole whose shape differs significantly from anything else on the market. With the Curve pole, you choose a look that celebrates organic form. The slightly curved shape. A curved mast. The pole is made from a conical laser-welded tube that shoots up at a vertical angle up to 150 cm above the base plate. The pole is then rolled and the curved shape continues until the end of the pole is reached.

A curved pole with a beautiful finish and strong foundation

The Curve pole comes standard with a hot-dip galvanized finish. Hot-dip galvanization patinates in a beautiful greyish colour and is an extremely robust surface that is completely maintenance-free. The Curve pole can also be purchased with a powder coating in a RAL color of your choice. With these options, there are good conditions for making the curved pole fit in with its surroundings in the best possible way, regardless of your requirements for longevity and aesthetic expression. 

Every pole needs to be installed and grounded correctly for proper function. For the Curve pole, you can either install via in-situ foundations with cast-in foundation bolts or alternatively prefabricated foundations.​

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