MILEWIDE has supplied over 1.000 light poles for Essingeleden E4 and Kristenebergsmotet in Stockholm

MILEWIDE has supplied a great deal for the Essingeleden E4 and Kristinebergsmotet in Stockholm and the deliveries continue. Over 1.000 lighting poles and bollards have been supplied up until now, and with this, MILEWIDE have set their mark on Sweden’s most busy road.

  • Service: More than 1.000 MILEWIDE light poles and bollards
  • Builder: Trafikverket
  • Entrepreneur: DAV NORDIC Ltd
  • Subcontractor:
  • Advisor:
Project Manager

Michael Pedersen

Sales Manager
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MILEWIDE – Danish design road equipment

​Essingeleden E4 was the first major road project for MILEWIDE in Sweden. Prior to the decision to go with MILEWIDE, Trafikverket visited Denmark to see the Danish road projects using MILEWIDE. With approx. 160.000 vehicles a day, Sweden’s busiest road was in need of a flexible and unique solution, and it was important to find a supplier with the capacity of continuing to supply the road for any future expansions. MILEWIDE continuously receives orders on supply for Stockholm.

Unique design solution

​MILEWIDE’s flexible design solutions in road equipment consist of lighting poles, that through an integrated rail system can be used to attach lighting, traffic lights, road signs, various fittings, etc. The fittings are hidden, which makes the design simple and beautiful. The anodized aluminium that the system is made of, makes it waterproof and guarantees that the light poles remain unchanged and without corrosion. The system is designed by architect Knud Holscher and no details have been left unnoticed.

The system was originally developed for a Danish design competition, held by the Danish Road Directorate and Danish Design Center in 1995. MILEWIDE took first place and became the first in the world to produce a coherent assortment of road equipment. 

High security with MILEWIDE

​Besides the unique design, high security is incorporated into the MILEWIDE system. 

The aluminium construction is designed to withstand collisions with a speed of up to 100 km per hour, where some light poles are designed to break immediately and some to withstand the impact and reduces the vehicle’s speed. The flexibility of the MILEWIDE light pole heightens the safety of the roads and reduce the number of violent accidents. 

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