MILEWIDE – a series of awardwinning road equipment

Design poles that deliver on both design and quality

MILDEWIDE poles, designed by award-winning designer Knud Holscher, are a series of roadway equipment with a unique design, high safety and efficient functionality. 

The MILEWIDE series consists of poles that can be used for lighting, signal lanterns and signs. The inspiration for the MILEWIDE poles can be found in nature. Specifically in the plant stem. Plant stems are flexible and lightweight, yet strong enough to hold both seeds and leaves despite the weather. Similarly, MILEWIDE poles are designed to maintain their function over a long period of time, but give way when hit. 

The poles is designed with respect for the lightness of the material and the details are shaped with a focus on both aesthetics and functionality. In addition to the inspiration from the plant stem, the MILEWIDE series also falls into a long tradition of Scandinavian design that focuses on longevity and clean lines. 

Long life, low maintenance and high expressiveness

All MILEWIDE signal poles are produced in anodized aluminium, which makes them resistant to corrosion and extends the lifespan of the pole. This also ensures a low level of maintenance as they can be easily cleaned of dirt. MILEWIDE signal poles are cylindrical and can be supplied with different finishes. They can be anodized in different colors with or without a shiny effect. In addition, they can be both wet and powder coated in a RAL color of your choice. They are also available with our anti-sticker and anti-graffiti topcoat

​MILEWIDE is a passive safety pole

MILEWIDE poles are CE marked according to EN 40-6. They are compliant according to EN 12767 and are available in all safety classes. 

If the MILEWIDE poles come in safety classes HE or LE, they will, in the event of a collision, bring the car to a stop by curling around the car. In this way, the car is slowed down, while the pole does not hit the roof of the car at high speed and there will be no loose parts of the pole that can hit any vulnerable road users. 

If the pole is safety class NE, it reacts to a collision by detaching from the foundation and moving across the roof of the car and landing behind the car. This is done for the safety of the people in the car, but also means that an NE pole is best used in places with few vulnerable road users.

​MILEWIDE as a signal and sign pole

MILEWIDE is a great choice as both a signal and sign pole due to its compliance and design. Traffic lights are locations where there is a high risk of collisions, which is why it’s convenient that the poles holding signs and signal baskets are compliant. This way they serve two functions instead of one.

What makes MILEWIDE special is the track that runs the full height of the pole. This provides a high degree of flexibility when it comes to mounting either light fixtures, signal lanterns or signs. No holes need to be drilled; instead, specially designed clamping shoes that engage in the track are used.

Another good reason to use MILEWIDE poles is that they can often carry both signs and light fixtures, which makes it both cheaper and easier to minimize the number of poles needed.

MILEWIDE is also a combi pole

MILEWIDE poles are also available as a combi poles, which simply increases functionality and saves both space and money. A combi pole offers the possibility to mount both light fixtures and signal lanterns on the same pole. The poles are designed with two separate hatches to allow for the installation of individual fuse inserts. 

By choosing a combi pole, you minimize the number of poles, purchasing costs and operating costs. MILEWIDE combi poles are therefore a great choice that offers high-level functionality, lower construction costs and an award-winning design.

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