Conical steelpoles​

When you choose a conical steel pole, you choose a practical and tailormade solution

DAV NORDIC supplies conical steel poles that are suitable for all locations. They give a simple expression, while being functional and can be designed to suit the situation specifically. All conical steel poles are provided with a gate and c-rail for safety use and are supplied either with a foot flange for concrete foundations or for burial.

Heights and assembly for conical steel masts

All our conical steel poles are between 3 and 12 meters high. With our standard poles between 7 and 12 metres, the hatch sits at a height of 1 metre. Poles with a height between 3 and 6 meters have a hatch height of 0.5 meters. With our strong conical steel poles, the hatch sits at a height of 0.5 metres.

Our standard poles are supplied either for burial or with a foot flange for a concrete foundation. Our strong conical steel pole is supplied with foot flanges in sizes c/c 200-300. You can read more about foundations here.


The poles are made and calculated according to DS/EN 40-3-3 and DS/EN 1993-1-1 steel construction, construction class 1, with which the safety against floating is greater than 1.5. As far as wind load is concerned, our conical steel masts are designed for terrain. II, base mean wind 24m/sec, which covers most locations in Denmark.

The deflection at maximum load is a maximum of 3% of the pole height. The pipe poles are produced in accordance with EN 40-5, unless you, the customer, specify otherwise when placing the order.

If it all seems too technical, you are always welcome to contact us so that we can explain it in perspective for your project.​

We always offer adaptation of the appearance for conical steel poles, as all our conical steel poles can be delivered in exactly the desired RAL colour. Coat them with our topcoat, which gives them a finish in both anti-sticker and anti-graffiti, making the fight against vandalism easier to win. We therefore offer exactly the solution you need – both functionally and aesthetically.

Light poles cases

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