Energy absorbing terminals and impact absorbers

We offer a wide range of stationery and temporary energy-absorbing terminals and impact absorbers.​

 Energy absorbing terminals are used to absorb the vehicle’s energy of movement and thus reduce the impact in the event of an impact at the start or end of a crash barrier.

Energy absorbing end terminal

An end terminal can be used where a reversal is not performed or where a reversal is not desired. It is always applied in the side.

Energy absorbing impact absorbers

A collision damper can be used where 2 roads leave – e.g. at an exit from the motorway, where e.g. the crash barrier continues up the ramp, or in general where you need protection from 2 sides. It is always double-sided.

For temporary drive-through openings in the median or for dangerous objects, temporary energy-absorbing solutions can be used

Road Safety cases

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