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Traffic noise and sound disturbances, in general, are an escalating issue and, therefore, it is our largest service today. We are market leaders in noise-reducing solutions.

There is always a solution!

​DAV NORDIC A/S are specialists in noise reduction solutions outdoors. We know how annoying noise can be and we also know how to solve the problem.​

We have many years of experience in developing solutions that isolate, absorb and reflect noise. We are experts in specially designed solutions and are therefore skilled at creating solutions for your needs. We offer our expertise throughout the country and our goal is to promote coexistence between businesses, traffic and residents in the immediate area.

​We offer a wide range of options within noise-reducing solutions, see the selection below:​

​Great expertise at your disposal

We work with many different customer types and are therefore also experts in creative and solution-oriented thinking. In addition, we offer a wide range of skills. It all helps to ensure that we deliver the best possible solution for any project.

We work with many different customer groups, but not private individuals.

​How does the work with the design of noise-reducing solutions take place?

​A large part of our business is about meeting our customers’ needs, matching these with possible solutions and delivering a high-quality product. The work of building noise-reducing solutions can be boiled down to 10 phases, which can be seen here on the right.

We have extensive experience in building noise-reducing solutions in many sizes, materials and shapes. We also have a wide range of customer groups and are therefore used to working with different expectations, safety rules and forms of management. We are involved in several different types of contracts, read [here] which ones.

There are rarely two projects that are alike, which is why we are particularly strong in specially designed solutions. Therefore, if none of the general things work, we solve the problem in another way. Feel free to contact us through the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

​Together we will find a solution for exactly your project.

Noise reduction cases

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Our committed and skilled advisers are ready to help you with solutions that both take into account good finances, the working environment and high quality.

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Project Manager
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