Here you can read about a selection of our cases. They reflect the many years of experience our employees have and their great expertise and desire to undertake tasks.

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​DAV NORDIC has several employees with 30 years of experience and is characterized by stability and strong teamwork. Management focuses on creating a framework that engages and motivates, and employees want to provide the best solution and service to customers.

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Lars Ackermann

Sales Manager
+45 21 36 08 04
Støjreducerende løsninger

Peter Mytting Hansen

Project Manager
+45 41 49 42 53
Stål til infrastruktur

Frank Petersen

Technical Manager
+45 26 30 74 43

Bjørn Lyng

Project Manager
+45 24 45 77 37
Sikkerhed på vejene

Jens Andersen

Tender Manager
+45 20 41 62 01