DAV NORDIC supplies and installs steel structures and possibly foundations for portals that can be used for traffic information, such as signs, cameras, scanners or the like. The portals are mounted above the carriageway and the portals are manufactured and hot-dip galvanized according to the Road Directorate’s rules for designing portals.

​We always seek to deliver the best possible solution for your project and we have a wide range of skills that make this possible. Among other things, each portal we deliver is custom-made, as there are many factors to take into account. This can include: terrain, road width, weight and size of the equipment to be installed, etc. They are manufactured as an L-portal or U-portal, either with square tubes or grid construction. We supply both permanent and temporary solutions.

A major advantage of choosing portals from DAV NORDIC is that we can take care of the entire project. We are responsible for surveying, planning, foundations, installation, fencing, installation of traffic information and possibly adjustment of existing guard rails and/or noise screens.

Steel for infrastructure cases

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Project Manager
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