Traffic islands and traffic chicanes

​Dear child, as you know, has many names, so our modules are often referred to as intentions, heller, pouring plant, harassment and we ourselves call them traffic modules.

Traffic islands and traffic chicanes

Common to all the names is that they cover prefabricated elements whose purpose is to reduce the speed of moving traffic. DAV NORDIC delivers and installs the prefabricated traffic modules, based on a broad standard program or according to special measurements.

The modules can stand alone or be combined according to specific needs.

​Pouring systems are used, among other things, at pedestrian crossings without traffic lights and on heavily trafficked roads, where cross-traffic must be secured. Traffic harassment is established at schools, residential areas and on long, straight stretches of road where you actively want to regulate traffic speed. Traffic bumps are flexible and less intrusive in traffic than bumps, and are therefore gradually used in many places.​​

The advantages of traffic modules from DAV NORDIC

  • ​Easy and quick to install
  • ​Minimal traffic nuisance during export
  • Reinforcements incorporated – more durable
  • ​No weeds – better environment and minimal maintenance
  • ​Movable solutions – advantage of applying a new wear layer
  • ​Reflective stone – easy to see in the dark

​How are the modules made?

Pouring facilities and traffic barriers are made of high-quality fibre-reinforced concrete. The modules are manufactured in a number of different standard sizes and designs, which together form a flexible building block system that can solve virtually all traffic safety tasks. The modules are delivered as standard in gray concrete, but can also be delivered with a surface of embedded paving stones.

​The basic prerequisites for the selection, location and design of, for example, pouring facilities are determined by municipal planning. Here, the role of the individual roads as traffic or local roads, their role in the traffic network for light road users, including school roads, their role in the bus network and their speed class is determined.

Assembly and repair

Traffic modules are delivered ready-made, ready for installation directly on the roads, including a kit for installation as well as filler bolts for cast-in

Traffic modules are robust and can withstand repeated collisions with larger trucks. This means fewer repairs. The molded surface provides minimal breeding ground for weeds, and thus resources are also saved on weed control and herbicides, benefiting both the economy and the environment.

​Relocation is possible

The traffic modules can be moved if needed. We offer a flexible and well-trained team to handle the task.​

Traffic modules are speed-reducing measures that do not disturb or cause noise pollution to the surroundings and residents near the facility.

Road Safety cases

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