Noise screens

​​Traffic noise is the most important source of the noise pollution we have in Denmark.

A noise screen dampens noise
​from traffic, track and much more

Around one in three homes is affected by noise above the limit value. Rules have been laid down for noise limit values for new construction and for new roads that are built next to existing homes. In the case of existing homes and existing roads, on the other hand, there are no provisions, and this is where the majority of noise-laden homes are found. DAV NORDIC sells and installs noise barrier solutions for all purposes – regardless of whether it is traffic noise or other types of noise you want to combat. For more than 90 years, we have worked with solutions for the construction industry and infrastructure.​

What is a noise screen and what does DAV NORDIC offer?

A noise shield is a general term for a noise-reducing solution for noise sources such as roads, railways, aircraft and industry. It can either take the form of a classic screen consisting of columns, with absorbent or reflective aluminum cassettes, be transparent, possibly in colour, or it can be covered with wooden slats or planting. Far down the road, the only limit is the imagination.

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​It is rare to find two projects where the requirements for design, properties and size are the same. DAV NORDIC’s broad product range ensures that all wishes and requirements for noise barrier solutions can be met. This applies both to roads, industry, airports and railways

Noise reduction cases

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