Passive safety poles for increased safety in traffic

On roads where the desired speed is 50 km/h or higher, on roundabouts, at traffic signals and similar, compliant road equipment should be used within the safety zone.

Resilient masts can save lives

At DAV NORDIC, we have a wide range of passive safety poles with different functions and compliance classes. Passive safety poles look like ordinary lighting poles, but they absorb part of the force in the event of a collision, making them indispensable for road safety. 

Passive safety poles in steel

We have three compliant steel poles; SECURIMAT, octagonal conical and Protec Pole. They are all in the highest compliance classes, which means they are designed to bring the car to a full or partial stop while taking the occupants of the car into consideration. 

Passive safety poles in aluminum

We also offer passive safety poles in aluminum. Our well-known MILEWIDE and ALU Round poles are also passive safety poles. MILEWIDE poles come in all safety classes and ALU Round is compliant class NE, which is especially useful in areas with few vulnerable road users.​

Light poles cases

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