Harmonious and light cover with focus on functionally

​The cover from DAV NORDIC have a simple and elegant design that easily integrates the necessary needs. By choosing these cover, you ensure a uniform and recognizable design.​

​Principle of design

The general design language focuses on clean lines and an understated lightness, so that the construction appears harmonious and calm. Whether it is the classic Y-construction for double covers, single freestanding covers or double freestanding, the construction is functional and elegant.

The covers are produced in steel according to EN1090-2. The surface can be painted in a desired color of choice and can be further treated with our anti-graffiti and anti-sticker solution. They can be further varied with either sedum, thermal or solar roofs.

It is possible to purchase special solutions for covers, such as metal mesh on the sides or cladding of wooden slats. Here it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits.

Whether you choose the solution with solar cells or sedum roofs, it is an opportunity to signal and market your focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness.

We offer covers for various projects, but especially for bike cover and covers for EV chargers.


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Key Account Manager
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