Design poles ​creates space

Lighting poles can be much more than a practicality. DAV NORDIC has a strong desire to shape landscapes with functional and beautifully designed lighting poles. 

Where design poles  are used, focus is created rather than invisibility

It should be a sensory experience to walk in public spaces – especially in urban areas where attention to detail is high. With this in mind, all our design poles are selected to meet the different needs of urban spaces for functionality and aesthetics. 

“Yes” is the answer if you ask if lighting poles can create a special feeling in the area where they are placed. In this category you will find a collection of our very best design poles invented and refined by skilled and visionary architects over the years.​

​Make beautiful surroundings even more beautiful

Aesthetics. Flexibility. Functionality. With these three words, all architect-drawned design poles at DAV NORDIC are described. 

For years, lighting poles have lived in what most would consider a shadowy existence. By showcasing a wide and spectacular range of design poles that make the surroundings shine in every sense, we are now putting an end to the idea that lighting poles should always be an unattractive and uninteresting part of the road equipment. Each of these poles are sculptural masterpieces, just waiting to be modeled and given the final creative touch. That way, they become the final detail. Because we don’t just sell poles . We sell design poles that add an extra dimension to urban spaces.

Light poles cases

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