Combined road equipment:
crash barrier and noise screen in one solution

​​As a starting point, guard rails and noise reduction are installed as separate solutions, as they are two different functions that must be fulfilled. In some cases, however, this is not an option due to a lack of space or a desire for an integrated solution.

​DAV NORDIC therefore offers a product that meets this need. It is a solution where the noise screen is mounted directly behind the crash barrier. The obvious advantage is that you save space. Another advantage is that the closer the noise dampening solution is to the noise source, the more noise it picks up​.

One of DAV NORDIC’s noise reduction solutions is noise barriers. The noise barrier is a noise-absorbing crash barrier system that consists of a crash barrier and noise reduction in one system. It has the same height as other crash barrier systems, and significantly reduces noise. Of all traffic noise on roads, 80% comes from tire noise. With a short sound source, if the guard is close to the sound source, there is no need for a tall screen to attenuate the noise.

Noise reduction cases

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