Different bridges for different needs

Bridges from DAV NORDIC come in many shapes, sizes and materials. The bridge will be designed and installed based on your wishes and needs. We supply bridges in metal, concrete and wood, depending on the need.

​We have had several projects where we have delivered an entire bridge, both in steel and wood, which makes assembly relatively quick, as the bridge comes in one piece. Among other things, we have delivered a footbridge to the University Path in Roskilde, which runs along the track. This meant additional requirements for safety measures, which were already part of when transporting and installing a 19 meter long steel bridge.

​In certain situations, a steel bridge may not fit in with the surrounding environment. Here we can be helpful with wooden bridges, which can also be delivered in one piece. In the case of wooden bridges, it can sometimes be faster, cheaper and easier to replace the entire bridge than to repair it. That was the case when we delivered a wooden bridge to Hvidovre Municipality for a green area.

Steel for infrastructure cases

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Technical Manager
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