CitySwan – an elegant and timeless light pole

​Architect-designed mast with a majestic expression

The beautiful appearance and movement of the swan has been the inspiration for the CitySwan mast series. 

The elegance of the swan created the idea that a lighting pole can also be simple, timeless in design and, not least, functional. With this starting point, the CitySwan pole series has become a reality. The series is built around round-conical seamless tubes with an eye-catching bronze detail around the area where the arms are mounted. The details include either cones, plates or recesses.

Functional and elegant city furniture

In all its simplicity, the CitySwan pole is both a functional and elegant piece of urban furniture that literally lights up public spaces. The stylish poles reach majestically towards the sky, just as the molded CitySwan Wall extends its slender arm free from the wall. 

Whichever version of the CitySwan series we’re talking about, they are a shining example of Danish design at its best. The CitySwan series includes a luminaire that has been designed and developed together with the slim pole. The CitySwan luminaire is distributed by Signify Denmark A/S.

CitySwan is available in several variants

The CitySwan pole is available in several different variants that can be combined to create both functional and flexible lighting in urban spaces.

The CitySwan series is available in the following variants:

Light poles cases

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