​Shielding for many purposes

DAV NORDIC can perform and deliver many different types of outdoor screening. Shielding can i.a. are used to ensure privacy, help and protect animals to cross major roads and create safety for pedestrians and other road users.​

Insight screens

To protect against intrusion, it may be necessary to erect a permanent screen. This can be, for example, at bridges, platforms or other high-rise constructions near buildings.

Shielding in such situations can serve a dual purpose: They shield from view and shield from noise from e.g. train tracks or car traffic. Here you can choose both reflective and absorbing screens according to desire and need.

Viewing screens are made based on wishes regarding design, materials and color choice, so that they fit in with the surrounding architecture.

Light-proof screen​

​Light-proof screens are most often used on fauna passages to shield against light from cars. Fauna passages are often bridges or tunnels and if they are to work as intended, it is important that the animals remain as undisturbed as possible and are shielded from light.

​If the fauna passage is a bridge, the sides of the bridge must therefore be constructed with light-tight sides – this is where light-tight screens come into the picture. The screens can be made in the design and material selection that best suits the surrounding architecture or nature.

DAV NORDIC has, among other things, installed two light-tight screens at fauna passages at Silkeborg Motorway and Berring Beder respectively.​

Safety screens

Screens can be used for various security functions. It may be a situation where it is necessary to screen off a motorway or railway if these are dug into the ground. It can also be if running power lines to the track are located too close to accessible locations.

In certain cases, such as for electrified railways, it is important to choose materials and assembly methods that are suitable for potential discharge. In cases with a safety-creating function, materials, design and expression can be freely chosen so that it fits in as best as possible with the existing surroundings.

Shielding can also help increase safety and security for road users. This applies to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike. It may be necessary to shield from view and access, for example in connection with paths and pavements along busy roads.​

Noise reduction cases

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