Stepped and cylindrical ​steel poles

A stepped and a cylindrical steel pole are decorative and can fulfill many functions

Stepped and cylindrical steel poles from DAV NORDIC offer many options for different expressions and practical solutions. They are available in two different heights as well as with options for either different arms or top-placed fittings. If you choose our topcoat, which provides both an anti-sticker and anti-graffiti surface, the stepped or cylindrical pole will retain its clean and fine appearance regardless of how they are treated.​

Stepped steel poles

Stepped steel poles have a simple yet exciting appearance. The pole consists of two tubes welded together. This means that the lower pole has a larger diameter than the upper one and the transition between the two is slightly rounded.

Since our stpped steel poles come in two different heights, we also have two different foundation options. Poles between 5 and 7 meters come prepared for burial and can optionally be stabilized with 1-2 wing foundations. Poles between 8 and 9 meters are supplied with foot flanges and must be mounted on a concrete foundation, which we of course also supply.​

Cylindrical steel poles

Cylindrical steel poles are a classic pole for lighting fixtures. The pole has the same diameter throughout its height, and thus gives a calm and simple expression. Cylindrical steel poles have the option of both top mounting of luminaires or they can be delivered pre-drilled for an arm for a light fixture.

All our cylindrical steel post must be buried, and can possibly be further stabilized with wing foundations. 

Dimensioning, high quality and own certificate

Bolted and cylindrical steel poles from DAV NORDIC are dimensioned and manufactured according to the weather conditions in Denmark. They are intended for terrain class II, and can thus withstand a base wind of 24 m/s. This means that our stepped steel poles deliver a high level of safety, as they have a maximum deflection of 3% of the poles height at maximum load.

We also guarantee the high quality, as our stepped pole is produced in accordance with DS/EN 40-3-3 and DS/EN 1993-1-1 steel construction, construction class 1. In addition, DAV NORDIC holds our own certificate for steel production, which will say we comply with current regulations for steel production.​

If you are looking for simple, attractive and practical steel poles for lighting, stepped and cylindrical steel poles are a good choice. If you would like to hear more, please contact us.

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