CitySwan Holbæk​

The result of the fusion of pole and arm

CitySwan Holbæk is a special design pole originally designed for the municipality of Holbæk. It has the same stylish and exclusive look as the rest of the CitySwan series. What makes CitySwan Holbæk special is that it exemplifies the many possibilities that this design series offers.

The pole itself is the same as the rest of the distinctive CitySwan series, a round-conical pole with a sloping top, but what makes it special is the combination of the pole and the arm. The arm was originally designed as a wall-mounted arm, but for this solution we have chosen to merge the pole and arm. The arm is a specially designed arm with the same curvature as the classic CitySwan arm, but where the tube turns one turn from pole to luminaire.

This gives the pole an exciting and dynamic look that is still clean and simple. Do you want the CitySwan Holbæk pole in your next project? Don’t hesitate to contact us today, whether you are looking for advice or a non-binding offer.

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