CitySwan Basic Wood

CitySwan Wood

Welcome to the CitySwan Basic Wood. The pole that shows the way towards a more sustainable world by being made of wood and at the same time complements the rest of the CitySwan series from DAV NORDIC in the best possible way. 

CitySwan Basic Wood is designed for parks, squares, streets and alleys with a clean, functionalist design language. The uncompromising sculptural design of the pole enriches any modern urban and landscape space with aesthetics and ethics. Especially on waterfronts and promenades, park and landscape environments, CitySwan Basic Wood will beautifully articulate the surrounding space. 

CitySwan Basic Wood is designed to signal care and consideration for our environment by using maximum wood in the design. It interacts beautifully with the steel arm and luminaire. Think of it as the architect’s modest contribution to a greener and more sustainable future – replacing steel with wood. Basic Steel has been given a variant. Architecturally, they can be used together or separately. They look good together. 

Wood is one of the building materials of the future. It is the world’s most environmentally friendly raw material. It is 100% recyclable and reproducible. The Basic Wood wooden pole is grown on the CO2 in the air and the sun’s rays. In addition, the material stores CO2. This reduces energy consumption during production and makes the pole fully recyclable. 

The CitySwan Basic Wood wooden pole contributes to the achievement of several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For SDG 9, DAV NORDIC believes that the wooden material of the pole is an innovative contribution to infrastructure. 

In addition, we also believe that utilizing wood as a resource is one way to have responsible consumption and production. In this way, CitySwan Basic Wood also contributes to the achievement of SDG 14.

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