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Design poles ​creates space

Where design poles  are used, focus is created rather than invisibility

Lighting poles can be much more than a practicality. DAV NORDIC has a strong desire to shape landscapes with functional and beautifully designed lighting poles. It should be a sensory experience to walk in public spaces - especially in urban areas where attention to detail is high. With this in mind, all our design poles are selected to meet the different needs of urban spaces for functionality and aesthetics. 

"Yes" is the answer if you ask if lighting poles can create a special feeling in the area where they are placed. In this category you will find a collection of our very best design poles invented and refined by skilled and visionary architects over the years.​

​Make beautiful surroundings even more beautiful

Aesthetics. Flexibility. Functionality. With these three words, all architect-drawned design poles at DAV NORDIC are described. 

For years, lighting poles have lived in what most would consider a shadowy existence. By showcasing a wide and spectacular range of design poles that make the surroundings shine in every sense, we are now putting an end to the idea that lighting poles should always be an unattractive and uninteresting part of the road equipment. Each of these poles are sculptural masterpieces, just waiting to be modeled and given the final creative touch. That way, they become the final detail. Because we don't just sell poles . We sell design poles that add an extra dimension to urban spaces.

Filigran - ​a sculptural mast with thoughtful functionality

​A reinterpreted and aesthetic lattice mast

The sculptural, conical Filigran pole is a modern interpretation of the well-known lattice masts. Despite its almost transparent appearance, the pole adds an aura of grandeur to its surroundings and is an eyecatching element in any environment. 

The characteristic structure of the pole can be beautifully highlighted with LED uplighting. A small architectural stroke of genius that creates an exciting lighting experience in urban spaces.

Filigran comes in several variants

The architect-designed lightweight pole is available in three variants: 

  • Two lighting poles in different heights
  • A lower park pole

Individually, Filigran poles are beautiful landmarks and together they create a contrasting synergy that is ideal for decorating roads, open spaces and parks. The flexible Filigree pole can be combined with a wide range of luminaires​.

The Curve ​pole celebrates the organic shape

The Curve pole challenges the laws of nature with its harmonious curve

With this architect-designed pole, DAV NORDIC offers a designclass pole whose shape differs significantly from anything else on the market. With the Curve pole, you choose a look that celebrates organic form. The slightly curved shape. A curved mast. The pole is made from a conical laser-welded tube that shoots up at a vertical angle up to 150 cm above the base plate. The pole is then rolled and the curved shape continues until the end of the pole is reached.

A curved pole with a beautiful finish and strong foundation

The Curve pole comes standard with a hot-dip galvanized finish. Hot-dip galvanization patinates in a beautiful greyish colour and is an extremely robust surface that is completely maintenance-free. The Curve pole can also be purchased with a powder coating in a RAL color of your choice. With these options, there are good conditions for making the curved pole fit in with its surroundings in the best possible way, regardless of your requirements for longevity and aesthetic expression. 

Every pole needs to be installed and grounded correctly for proper function. For the Curve pole, you can either install via in-situ foundations with cast-in foundation bolts or alternatively prefabricated foundations.​

Lunik - a designpole​

​A flexible and innovative lighting pole

This modern and elegant pole is particularly suitable for lighting public squares and city streets. 

Uniquely, the Lunik pole is designed and equipped with an integrated marker light. The integrated marker light can replace the main lighting and instead allow the marker lights to act as signposts. This option makes the pole an energy-efficient solution, as energy consumption will be saved by only having to turn on the smaller marker light instead of the main light in certain situations. The choice to place the Lunik pole in your project can thus be one of the choices that benefits both the operating budget and the environment.

Eco-friendly design pole with integrated marker light

The Lunik pole consists of a cylindrical steel base with an integrated marker light that, when positioned either 1.20 meters or 1.50 meters above the ground, provides the perfect height for guiding light. 

The marker light illuminates 360° around the pole with a visibility of up to 100 meters. 

When there is no activity on the street, the main lighting can be turned off and the marker light can act as an orientation light. This saves energy without compromising public safety. 

We offer the Lunik pole for mounting on flange foundations or for underground installation. This flexible design pole can also be combined with a wide range of luminaires and different arms.

The pole is hot-dip galvanized according to DS/EN 1461 and can be painted in a RAL color of your choice.​

Corten poles - a special type of steel​

​Modern and durable corten steel poles

Corten steel poles are used in many areas, environments and situations. With its burnished and rusty surface, the pole is distinctive and blends discreetly with its surroundings. A corten steel pole is a design decision that will stand out for some and blend in for others. A perfect solution in, for example, urban areas where other elements of the space are also made of corten steel.

​Corten steel has a long lifespan without post-treatment

The rusty look has won the hearts of many and is used in many infrastructure structures today. Lighting poles are no exception. And we understand why, because in addition to being a safe architectural choice, corten steel poles also offer excellent durability. 

This is because corten steel is a type of steel that has a slower soak time than regular mild steel, but at the same time rusts quickly on the surface. Corten steel is also known as a corrosion-resistant steel. The lifespan of these types of poles is therefore incredibly long. 

The reason for this increased resistance to corrosion/penetration (compared to traditional black steel) is that the corten steel forms an adhesive, protective layer on its surface when exposed to the elements. This layer protects the steel and will actually regenerate when exposed to normal weather conditions. The process stabilizes after 2-3 years, after which corrosion almost completely ceases.

Did you know...

Have you ever wondered where the word "corten" (or cor-ten, if you want to use the correct term) comes from? The word comes from the term "corrosion resistant high tensile steel".

Corten steel poles delivered according to your wishes 

Corten steel poles will always be custom-made according to your wishes and needs.

Contact us by phone 86 82 29 00 or email master@davnordic.dk for more information.