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CitySwan - an elegant and timeless light pole

​Architect-designed mast with a majestic expression

The beautiful appearance and movement of the swan has been the inspiration for the CitySwan mast series. 

The elegance of the swan created the idea that a lighting pole can also be simple, timeless in design and, not least, functional. With this starting point, the CitySwan pole series has become a reality. The series is built around round-conical seamless tubes with an eye-catching bronze detail around the area where the arms are mounted. The details include either cones, plates or recesses.

Functional and elegant city furniture

In all its simplicity, the CitySwan pole is both a functional and elegant piece of urban furniture that literally lights up public spaces. The stylish poles reach majestically towards the sky, just as the molded CitySwan Wall extends its slender arm free from the wall. 

Whichever version of the CitySwan series we're talking about, they are a shining example of Danish design at its best. The CitySwan series includes a luminaire that has been designed and developed together with the slim pole. The CitySwan luminaire is distributed by Signify Denmark A/S.


Product sheet City Swan

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Installation Instructions

​Contact us by phone +45 86 82 29 00 or by e-mail master@davnordic.dk for further information on our CitySwan light poles.

​CitySwan is available in several variants

The CitySwan pole is available in several different variants that can be combined to create both functional and flexible lighting in urban spaces.

CitySwan steel​

​CitySwan steel pole with bronze details

The CitySwan steel pole is a lighting pole that has the familiar sleek and design characteristics of the rest of the CitySwan range. 

The pole is a tribute to the quality craftsmanship inherent in blacksmithing. Regardless of the model, the parts will be crafted in materials such as seamless round-conical steel tubes, curved cast aluminum or stainless cylindrical steel tubes. 

Some of the models are even equipped with a number of bronze details, consisting of either an arm relief designed in a conical cone shape or a circular recess (the prominent ring in the surface of the mast). Elements that elevate the look to new heights. 

The details appear differently on the masts depending on the model: 

  • Basic
  • Wall arm
  • Bronze
  • High

You can find models for one fixture (single arm), two fixtures (double arm) and three fixtures (triple arm).

CitySwan Basic Wood ​

​Welcome to the CitySwan Basic Wood. The pole that shows the way towards a more sustainable world by being made of wood and at the same time complements the rest of the CitySwan series from DAV NORDIC in the best possible way. 

CitySwan Basic Wood is designed for parks, squares, streets and alleys with a clean, functionalist design language. The uncompromising sculptural design of the pole enriches any modern urban and landscape space with aesthetics and ethics. Especially on waterfronts and promenades, park and landscape environments, CitySwan Basic Wood will beautifully articulate the surrounding space. 

CitySwan Basic Wood is designed to signal care and consideration for our environment by using maximum wood in the design. It interacts beautifully with the steel arm and luminaire. Think of it as the architect's modest contribution to a greener and more sustainable future - replacing steel with wood. Basic Steel has been given a variant. Architecturally, they can be used together or separately. They look good together. 

Wood is one of the building materials of the future. It is the world's most environmentally friendly raw material. It is 100% recyclable and reproducible. The Basic Wood wooden pole is grown on the CO2 in the air and the sun's rays. In addition, the material stores CO2. This reduces energy consumption during production and makes the pole fully recyclable. 

The CitySwan Basic Wood wooden pole contributes to the achievement of several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For SDG 9, DAV NORDIC believes that the wooden material of the pole is an innovative contribution to infrastructure. 

In addition, we also believe that utilizing wood as a resource is one way to have responsible consumption and production. In this way, CitySwan Basic Wood also contributes to the achievement of SDG 14.

CitySwan Holbæk​

​The result of the fusion of pole and arm

CitySwan Holbæk is a special design pole originally designed for the municipality of Holbæk. It has the same stylish and exclusive look as the rest of the CitySwan series. What makes CitySwan Holbæk special is that it exemplifies the many possibilities that this design series offers.

The pole itself is the same as the rest of the distinctive CitySwan series, a round-conical pole with a sloping top, but what makes it special is the combination of the pole and the arm. The arm was originally designed as a wall-mounted arm, but for this solution we have chosen to merge the pole and arm. The arm is a specially designed arm with the same curvature as the classic CitySwan arm, but where the tube turns one turn from pole to luminaire.

This gives the pole an exciting and dynamic look that is still clean and simple. Do you want the CitySwan Holbæk pole in your next project? Don't hesitate to contact us today, whether you are looking for advice or a non-binding offer.