Wooden crash barrier

Wooden crash barrier

The wooden crash barrier meets the need for aesthetic and durable fuses of road sections that run through scenic areas. It can be forest areas, moors and green oases as well as at castles and manor houses. The barrier ensures both road users and pedestrians.

Wooden barriers are a combination of wood and steel. The wood gives the barrier a natural look and the steel provides the strength. The barrier is CE marked according to EN1317-1 and EN1317-2.

DAV NORDIC’s wooden barrier has been chosen by a large number of builders for road sections located in scenic areas in Denmark.

The wooden barriers are supplied by the French company Domaine de Tertü, and we specialise in Tertü T 18, which is ISO 9001 certified and received the Certificate of Conformity/CE marking in December 2009.​

Type T 18 Tertü

Tertü T 18 is used for scenic areas at parks, manor houses and forest areas.

Tertü T 18 wooden crash barrier has been tested and approved according to the European standards EN 1317-1 and 2 (Level 2).

The strength of the T 18 Tertü comes primarily from the steel structure, which is folded into the back of the posts and the longitudinal planks.

The steel parts included in the wooden barrier are hot-dip galvanised.

The pressure impregnation is carried out according to the NTR standard and does not contain arsenic, which since 1993 has been prohibited to use as an impregnating agent in Denmark.​

Advantages of the Tertü T 10 wooden guard

  • ​Reinforced with steel profiles on the back
  • Pressure-impregnation for protection against rot, fungus and insect attack
  • Long service life and resistance to wind and weather
  • Quick assembly due to easy assembly system

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