Bridge railings and -guards

Bridge railings and – guards

Bridge railings function both as railings and as guardrails. Bridge railings increase safety as they provide a higher safety surface than the guardrail. This helps to ensure that in the event of a collision, vehicles remain on the road and do not drive over the bridge.

The bridge railing is mounted directly on the bridge with scepters, on which beams, spacers and, at the top, a handrail are mounted. Often the B-profile of a crash barrier is mounted on the beams, as the crash barrier continues on both sides of the bridge. It therefore makes sense, both in terms of minimizing gaps in security and for it to look uniform.

​Different uses

What makes the bridge railings particularly strong is that they are constructed with rejection beams, which, among other things, enables the railings to hold vehicles on the road.

It is possible to supply bridge railings in several different strength classes depending on your needs. We supply bridge railings that are impact tested and certified according to EN 1317-5. All bridge railings have been tested for passenger cars and various types of heavy traffic, including trucks and buses with different weights.

Road Safety cases

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