Pipe railings

Pipe railings

​Pipe railings, as the name suggests, consist of pipes that are either hollow or filled. It is a classic looking railing that can be used in many situations.

​All our railings are produced in hot-dip galvanized steel, which ensures a long maintenance-free service life. In addition, our pipe railings are certified according to EN 1090.


It is typically used in places where there is a desire for shielding, but where collision-tested railings are not required. For example, bridges over streams or other roads. If you are looking for something that has been impact tested, see our track railings here.

Standard pipe railings

Our standard pipe railings are mounted directly into the side of the crash barrier with continuous bolts/threaded rods in the crash barrier pillars. Pipe railings can be mounted equally easily on both concrete and steel barriers. This method also means that it is easy to retrofit pipe railings to an existing guardrail.

Among other things, the railings are assembled with “tube-clamps”, which provides good opportunities for flexibility and expansion in the event of a collision. The use of tube-clamps also makes the railing easy to mount.

Standard pipe railings are supplied as two types:​

  • 20° forward inclined – for crash barriers mounted with spacers.
  • Straight – where the guardrail is mounted directly into the post.

Looking for lane railings?

Lane railings are pipe railings typically used on and at slopes along the track. Lane railings are often erected at bridges or crossings where there are guardrails on the bridge over the track and to prevent access to the track, railings are erected between the road and the track.

Road Safety cases

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