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Traffic guard - Vario-Guard®

Vario-Guard® traffic guard is a removable structure consisting of hot-dip galvanised elements. The standard element has a length of 4.000 mm, with a width of 700 mm and a height of 900 mm. The upper handrail of the traffic guard system is connected to the lower part of the element with sigma posts per 1.333 mm. The total height of the Vario-Guard® is 900 mm.

The standard element (4.000 mm) weighs 100 kg per running meter and has a built-in drainage cut-out of 120x70 mm. Thanks to the special construction of the Vario-Guard® Standard Element, the computational cross-section for determining the working width (W) is only 400 mm


  • The individual components are assembled with bolts
  • ​12-meter mounting lengths also available with "snap-lock"
  • ​The system is generally mounted without anchoring, however, the start/end elements must be anchored
  • ​The anchoring is achieved through a recess in the start/end element to mount a post or ground spike into the ground
  • ​Vario Guard can be easily and securely joined with specially made transition pieces for other guard systems such as steel guards, Mini-Guard® or concrete traffic guards
  • ​Dilatation joints should be installed wherever necessary​


Transporting up to 12 running meters. Pre-assembled Vario-Guard® elements allow readings up to 168 rmt. per truck with very low transportation costs


Maximum safety is achieved by a minimum of nuisance in traffic flow during assembly

  • ​​Due to the low weight of the Vario-Guard®, no additional cost-intensive measures are needed, and a minimum of space is used for setup.
  • ​A mounting team can mount joined lengths of 12 meters
  • ​A mounting team can mount approx. 2.000 m per day


For minor collisions, the traffic guard is only damaged to a limited extent and therefore requires a minimum repair time. Usually, only a slight adjustment of the impacted elements is required. Damaged reflectors are easily replaced.

Replacement of Vario-Guard®

When carrying out large projects, Vario-Guard® often needs to be moved.

We can solve this task through professional planning between the customer and our flexible and well-trained staff. A mounting team can move up to 1.500 running meters per day.


The traffic guard can be dismantled and driven away in lengths up to 12 meters.

Our experienced and well-qualified staff prepare a specific solution - based on the individual project - in accordance with EN 1317-1 and 2 and your personal requirements.