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Traffic guard in concrete or steel at roadwork

Traffic guards are movable steel or concrete guards, which are typically used as temporary protection in connection with roadwork and lane changes.​

Traffic guard without attachment

DAV NORDIC carries the Mini-Guard® brand. It is installed without substantial attachment to the substrate and is easy to move due to its design. The Mini-Guard® is easily packed on a wagon, and the assembly is quick and efficient with the least possible inconvenience to traffic.

The advantages of the Mini-Guard® safety fence are:

  • Quick and easy to assemble due to plug-in part connection system
  • ​Lightweight - easy to transport and assemble
  • ​Ability to move the safety fence in joined lengths of 13.5 meters

Concrete safety fence without attachment

DAV NORDIC deals Deltabloc and Spengler concrete traffic protection systems in concrete. These are used where greater safety and deflection are required (greater than steel traffic guards). In particular, concrete guards are used where people work close to the guard.

Concrete traffic guards are installed without any attachment to the substrate.


​Rent safety fences - a unique opportunity

It is possible to rent Mini-Guard®, Deltabloc and System Spengler. This means that the builder/contractor only has to pay for the transportation of the traffic guard and rent in the days needed and in the quantities chosen. An easy and customer-friendly solution that many people use.


Contact us by phone +45 86 82 29 00 or by e-mail info@davnordic.dk and hear more about traffic guard rentals.

See traffic guard brochure here

Installation of System Spengler with hydraulic special clamping tongs