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Urban security with CLAW

Attacks against crowds have become more widespread in our part of the world, which has led to a higher focus on urban security. DAV NORDIC supplies the CLAW protection system. CLAW is a movable and flexible system that requires neither mounting nor anchoring.

The system is developed to protect densely populated areas, such as sporting events, Christmas markets, festivals and similar against being attacked by vehicles.

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Based on the current threat, it has become a necessity to invest in high security. For large events where many people are gathered, the risk of attack follows. With the CLAW protection system, you can increase the safety and security of the public space. With its weight alone, CLAW is a solid barrier and chock, which makes the system suitable for protecting busy areas from attack by e.g. vehicles.

CLAW is also a multifunctional protection system, that can be used in many regards both as a visible and more discreet entry barrier, and at the same time, the system can be used for bicycle racks, trash cans, marketing purposes, flower installations, etc.

The system can be mounted over curbs, curved roads and against walls, which is an advantage for temporary safety. Each individual element can also be connected, creating a completely fenced and protected area.

CLAW has been tested in two different strength classes

CLAW is designed to stop the movement of a vehicle before it reaches its goal. The vehicle is quickly neutralised and the reflection caused by the shock is significantly reduced. The CLAW system has been tested in accordance with IWA 14-1: 2013.

M1 impact test: car - 1.5 - 64 km/h

N1 impact test: flatbed truck - 3.5 - 64 km/h

If you need guidance on a project that requires urban security, we are happy to come and tell you about our services.