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Amphibian fence ​

​Securing amphibians in connection with new roads

​Amphibian fences are used to ensure safe traffic for amphibians in connection with busy roads. Amphibian fences are mounted either directly at the back of the guardrail or freestanding - this depends on the project. Amphibian fences are most often mounted along the road, where they lead towards any fauna passages.

Amphibian fences from DAV NORDIC are produced in seawater-resistant aluminum 3005-16 H66, which means that they have an extra high durability and are thus placed in corrosion class C5M, which is the highest class in corrosion. If you want to read more about corrosion classes, click here.

Less lifting and easier handling

​By choosing amphibian fences in aluminium, you also ensure better working conditions for the employees who will install the amphibian fence.


One section of steel toad fence weighs 16 kg per metre, whereas one in aluminium weighs 16 kg per section of 4 metres. This means that an aluminum amphibian fence can be lifted and handled by one person, making it extra useful in difficult terrain. 


There are several advantages to using seawater-resistant aluminium, including installation and fitting.
​The amphibian fence can be adapted on site using either angle grinder or plate scissors. It is therefore easy to work with and requires no special tools.

This also means that amphibian fences can be mounted on surfaces that slope and/or are skewed in relation to the course of the road, as it is easy to adapt according to the mounting options. This can be seen in the top picture from the Holstebro motorway.

​Another significant advantage is that the amphibian fence can be cut and mounted without increased risk of corrosion. This is the case as the toad fence is produced in aluminum and therefore there is no coating that can be broken.

​If you want to read more about amphibian fencing in operation, read about the large project DAV NORDIC has carried out in connection with the Bering-Beder Road in Aarhus.

​We deliver and install the amphibian fence according to your wishes.

​We deliver based on the needs of the project. It's up to you which solution suits you best:

​We are happy to come out and measure up on the spot where you want to protect the amphibians, so that together we can find the right solution.

We can also make an offer based on your drawings and information.

You are always welcome to contact us via this page. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

​6 benefits of amphibian fences from DAV NORDIC:

  1. It weighs significantly less than steel toad fences
  2. Twice as weatherproof as steel toad fence
  3. It can be mounted and trimmed without fear of corrosion
  4. Can be customized on site without special tools
  5. Can be handled by one man due to the low weight
  6. Made of seawater-resistant aluminium