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Energy absorbing terminals and impact absorbers

We offer a wide range of stationery and temporary energy-absorbing terminals and impact absorbers.​

When are energy-absorbing terminals, etc. used?

Energy-absorbing terminals are used to absorb the vehicle's energy of movement and thus reduce the hit of the impact at the start or end of a crash barrier piece.

An impact absorber can be used where a reversal or a down-lead cannot be performed.

Absorbing cushion terminals are also used to protect solid objects such as bridges, columns, trees, etc. They are also used for road division and exit ramps.

Temporary transit openings in the middle of them highway, or for dangerous objects temporary energy-absorbing solutions can be implemented.

Contact us for further information

Call us on +45  86 82 29 00 or write to us on info@davnordic.dk to find out more about our energy absorbing terminals and impact absorbers.

Impact absorbers EURO-TRACC from Trinity, installed at Resenbro/Silkeborg highway ramp, 2016