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​DAV NORDIC delivers massively for Nordhavnsvej - Copenhagen Municipality’s biggest road project

DAV NORDIC delivers massively for Nordhavnsvej - Copenhagen Municipality’s biggest road project

DAV NORDIC has been working on Nordhavnsvej for 2½ years - Copenhagen Municipality’s biggest road project. Nordhavnsvej has been linked to the Helsingør Highway, and the project has drawn architects and engineers, who study the particular solutions that have been made on this stretch.

A big project with beautiful solutions

DAV NORDIC has delivered and assembled a unique and attractive noise deflective wall, on the flyover bridge above the highway. In addition, concrete barriers and special energy-absorbing crash barriers are set up in a tunnel, as the first of its kind in Denmark. Noise deflective walls, nine gantries for directing traffic and concrete barriers have been mounted on the other side of the tunnel. The project has delivered the necessary resources needed, which is why the result have been successful.

Project Manager from DAV NORDIC, Johny Poulsen says: “It has been a large and exciting project to be part of. It is not so often, that we get to work on projects, where the customer is willing to place their budget on great solutions, luckily this has been the case on this project. No compromises have been made, and this means that the result has really measured up.”

Solid collaboration with Züblin and Arkil

The uniquely bent noise screen installed along the ramp over the Helsingør Highway is designed by the landscape architect company Schønherr A/S, and it has been an interesting challenge for DAV NORDIC, to correctly assemble these, since there are both curved sceptres and increases/turn slopes on the ramp. Meanwhile, much of the noise deflective walls are assembled during the night in the dark, to ensure that the traffic on the Helsingør Highway would run without any interruptions.

Kristian Møller Jensen, Project Director at Züblin says about the collaboration: “The collaboration has been going really well. Both the project managers and the assembly operators, have been solution-oriented, and this has made the process run smoothly despite the many minor challenges this intricate solution has had.”

Tonny Hansen, Project Director at DAV NORDIC agrees: “Our collaboration with both Züblin and Arkil has passed all expectations. The communication, the tone, and the culture - everything has been really pleasant, and we have been good at assisting each other. This is valuable in a project, where it is essential to be both creative and flexible.”

Great management task

​To block lanes at different locations, coordinate night labour and direct the many deliveries for the stretch, has been a great management task. At the same time, it has been necessary to work intensely and precisely during the barricading of the highway, to create minimal disturbances to the citizens and highway users. Something DAV NORDIC is highly capable of. 


DAV NORDIC has supplied the following products for the Nordhavns connection:

- New Jersey centre crash barriers
- Steel crash barriers

- Noise screens of different kinds
- Gantries and signs
- Bridge guard railings
- Energy-absorbing crash barrier endings