DAV NORDIC provides Denmark’s tallest noise screen for Kolding

For Barslund, DAV NORDIC has delivered and fitted an approx. 2 km long noise screen at Bramdrupdam in Kolding. The noise screen is the tallest so far in Denmark and on much of the stretch it is up to 7 m. It will reduce the noise from the Sønderjyske highway towards residential areas in Bramdrupdam.

  • Service: 2 km long and 7 metet high noise barrier
  • Builder: National Road Directorate and Kolding Municipality
  • Entrepreneur: Barslund
  • Subcontractor: DAV NORDIC Ltd
  • Advisor:
Project Manager

Johny Poulsen

Project Manager
+45 28 87 04 60

Several thousand hours create noise shield

The noise barrier is mounted on the entry and exit ramp at Bramdrupdam on the Sønderjyske highway. The project is so large that with earthwork and noise screen assembly it reaches several thousand man-hours. According to The Road Directorate, the noise screen will not solve all noise nuisance, but the exact height of the screen has been chosen to have a good effect. Meetings have been held with the residents, where there have been listening posts set up to illustrate sound before and after the noise screen.

Barslund satisfied with DAV

Project Manager from Barslund, Johan Laursen comments on the collaboration with DAV NORDIC: “We have had good cooperation with DAV NORDIC both in the planning phase and in the execution. They have been proactive, and I have great confidence in their people.”

The noise screen stood with a 6-week delay compared to the first deadline ready on January 31st. The screen is of type 2B and consists of perforated aluminium cassettes with sound-absorbing insulation. In closing, wooden slats are mounted.

Major management task

The installation of the high screen has required that DAV NORDIC, in collaboration with BSV Krantilbehør, has developed a special tool, so that four noise screen cassettes can be mounted at a time. It minimizes the amount of lift in height by 75%. In addition, the 7 m tall noise screen columns are fitted with a remote-controlled lifting hook, so that the lifting strap releases the erected column with a single push on the remote control.

The logistics of access conditions have been challenging. Large sections of the screen are mounted on a work path, which is located on the back of the screen. With a tight schedule and a lot of people on the task, it has been a big management task. The developer is the Road Directorate and Kolding Municipality.

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