Silkeborg Highway – an apprenticeship piece for DAV NORDIC

  • Service: 75 km of side and center crash barrier, 8 km of railings, 4 km of Amphibian Guard and 5,2 km of specially designed noise screens
  • Builder: National Road Directorate
  • Entrepreneur: Barslund A/S (Noise barriers) og Aarsleff A/S (Solutions for trafic safety)
  • Subcontractor: DAV NORDIC Ltd
  • Advisor:
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Johny Poulsen

Project Manager
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Bjørn Lyng

Project Manager
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​From traffic guard to architectural sensory experience

​Ulrik Toft Marcussen, CEO of DAV NORDIC explains: “I consider the Silkeborg Highway as our apprentice exam. We have been challenged to do a, never seen before, combination of materials, special assembly, and logistics, that goes beyond my expectations. At the same time, it has been a pleasure to be contributing to the creation of this beautiful highway, which is also an architectural sensory experience for the road users and the citizen.”

He then continues: “We have supplied and assembled 75 km of side and center crash barrier, 8 km of railings, 4 km of Amphibian Guard, and a true range of accommodation works, that turns this highway into the most beautiful highway in Denmark, and I am proud of having finished to this project according to the developer’s full satisfaction.”

Main contractor is highly satisfied

We have collaborated with DAV on the supply of crash barrier, bridge railing, fauna bridges, and DAV is, as always, extremely professional and competent. They have competent project managers, who handle the projects professionally, and who has shown great flexibility throughout the entire project, which is a huge advantage on such a big project. They also own a great amount of professional knowledge, and they have been originators of the development for brand new solutions for the lightproof screens on the fauna bridges. This has been very satisfying for us as the main contractor.

Mogens Steen Pedersen, Project Director from Aarsleff A/S

Luminous art on the crossing bridges

​One of the unique solutions that have been designed for the highway, is the edge hedging on the five road-carrying bridges that cross the highway.

In the dark, the bridges appear as luminous art, hanging down from the skies, when in reality it is the bridges, that can be crossed by citizens and others who wish to get to the other side of town, without having to get on the highway. The edge hedging consists of aluminium sheets, with perforated holes in a computer-generated pattern creates a pattern, that is unique to each bridge. The hedging is illuminated from behind with LED lights and the light is distributed with reflection sheets, so the appearance and strength of the light seem even.

On December 1st, DAV NORDIC established a daughter company in Sweden.

We work hard to get into the Swedish market with our entire assortment. It has proven to be fairly easy to introduce the noise deflection screens and traffic barriers, but less as easy for the crash barriers and some of the remaining products of our assortment, but we continue to work on it, and we have the time needed to break through. Our good relationships with the large entrepreneurs come to our advantage. Besides Denmark and Sweden, we do a lot of business with other Nordic countries that pass through Silkeborg and we expect to roll the ball on this and later on, start yet another Nordic division.

Ulrik Toft Marcussen, CEO of DAV NORDIC

Reliable and experienced staff

​DAV NORDIC has several workers passing their 30-year anniversary and the company is known for its reliability and strong teamwork. We wish to deliver the best possible solution for the customers. it is simply the main building block, that we cherish, and it has not been a challenge as the market leader, to acquire new people. In the latest years, the management has had its focus on hiring young people, so we achieve a mix of experience and fresh labour with new ideas, which has proven to be a good strategy.

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