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Standard poles for all needs​

Large selection of standard masters at low prices

At DAV NORDIC, we have a large selection of standard poles that can meet all needs for poles for lighting and monitoring. If you want a stable standard pole for surveillance, our camera pole can be recommended. If you want a classic mast for street lighting instead, we offer cylindrical, conical and stepped standard poles. They all meet current requirements and have many options for mounting light fittings. We can also supply an aluminum pole, which is also a good choice for street lighting, as with their abbility to yield they also play an active role in road safety. 

Functional poles for many different customers

At DAV NORDIC A/S, we are experts in poles. We have extensive experience with development, production, consulting and calculation. We have collaborated with designers and architects to solve tasks for both municipalities, contractors, private companies, electrical installers, wholesalers and utility companies for more than 70 years.​​

Conical steelpoles​

​When you choose a conical steel pole, you choose a practical and tailormade solution

DAV NORDIC supplies conical steel poles that are suitable for all locations. They give a simple expression, while being functional and can be designed to suit the situation specifically. All conical steel poles are provided with a gate and c-rail for safety use and are supplied either with a foot flange for concrete foundations or for burial.

Heights and assembly for conical steel masts

All our conical steel poles are between 3 and 12 meters high. With our standard poles between 7 and 12 metres, the hatch sits at a height of 1 metre. Poles with a height between 3 and 6 meters have a hatch height of 0.5 meters. With our strong conical steel poles, the hatch sits at a height of 0.5 metres.

Our standard poles are supplied either for burial or with a foot flange for a concrete foundation. Our strong conical steel pole is supplied with foot flanges in sizes c/c 200-300. You can read more about foundations here.


The poles are made and calculated according to DS/EN 40-3-3 and DS/EN 1993-1-1 steel construction, construction class 1, with which the safety against floating is greater than 1.5. As far as wind load is concerned, our conical steel masts are designed for terrain. II, base mean wind 24m/sec, which covers most locations in Denmark.

The deflection at maximum load is a maximum of 3% of the pole height. The pipe poles are produced in accordance with EN 40-5, unless you, the customer, specify otherwise when placing the order.

If it all seems too technical, you are always welcome to contact us so that we can explain it in perspective for your project.​

We always offer adaptation of the appearance for conical steel poles, as all our conical steel poles can be delivered in exactly the desired RAL colour. Coat them with our topcoat, which gives them a finish in both anti-sticker and anti-graffiti, making the fight against vandalism easier to win. We therefore offer exactly the solution you need - both functionally and aesthetically.

Stepped and cylindrical ​steel poles

A stepped and a cylindrical steel pole are decorative and can fulfill many functions

Stepped and cylindrical steel poles from DAV NORDIC offer many options for different expressions and practical solutions. They are available in two different heights as well as with options for either different arms or top-placed fittings. If you choose our topcoat, which provides both an anti-sticker and anti-graffiti surface, the stepped or cylindrical pole will retain its clean and fine appearance regardless of how they are treated.​

Stepped steel poles

Stepped steel poles have a simple yet exciting appearance. The pole consists of two tubes welded together. This means that the lower pole has a larger diameter than the upper one and the transition between the two is slightly rounded.

Since our stpped steel poles come in two different heights, we also have two different foundation options. Poles between 5 and 7 meters come prepared for burial and can optionally be stabilized with 1-2 wing foundations. Poles between 8 and 9 meters are supplied with foot flanges and must be mounted on a concrete foundation, which we of course also supply.​

Cylindrical steel poles

Cylindrical steel poles are a classic pole for lighting fixtures. The pole has the same diameter throughout its height, and thus gives a calm and simple expression. Cylindrical steel poles have the option of both top mounting of luminaires or they can be delivered pre-drilled for an arm for a light fixture.

All our cylindrical steel post must be buried, and can possibly be further stabilized with wing foundations. 

Dimensioning, high quality and own certificate

Bolted and cylindrical steel poles from DAV NORDIC are dimensioned and manufactured according to the weather conditions in Denmark. They are intended for terrain class II, and can thus withstand a base wind of 24 m/s. This means that our stepped steel poles deliver a high level of safety, as they have a maximum deflection of 3% of the poles height at maximum load.

We also guarantee the high quality, as our stepped pole is produced in accordance with DS/EN 40-3-3 and DS/EN 1993-1-1 steel construction, construction class 1. In addition, DAV NORDIC holds our own certificate for steel production, which will say we comply with current regulations for steel production.​

If you are looking for simple, attractive and practical steel poles for lighting, stepped and cylindrical steel poles are a good choice. If you would like to hear more, please contact us.


Aluminum poles as an active contributor to the cityscape

DAV NORDIC's aluminum poles have a wide range of applications and can be used on pedestrian streets, along roads and in parking lots. The aluminum pole is a classic pole that can be designed virtually as desired. 

The aluminum pole can be supplied painted in any RAL color with the option of anti-sticker and anti-graffiti treatment. Surface treatments, either painting or anodizing, help to extend the lifespan and reduce operating costs.

Specifications and options

All our aluminum masts are anodized according to EN ISO 6581 and are CE marked with load calculations according to EN 40-3-3 (maximum top plastic and wind surface). Depending on the height, aluminum poles can either be supplied with foot flanges for foundation mounting or for burial. 

As standard, aluminum poles are available in heights between 3 and 10 meters and with a top diameter of either Ø 60, 76 or 115 mm. The bottom diameter can range between Ø114-180 mm. We can also custom make elements, such as conical or cylindrical pieces. This enables many options for lighting fixtures and arms. 

Resilience in a lighting column

A major advantage of aluminum poles is that they are always compliant by default. This means that the pole also plays an active role in the fight for better road safety - and can ultimately help save lives. If you are looking for a compliant pole with lighting options, DAV NORDIC aluminum poles are the right choice.​

Camera pole - the most stabile pole for the job ​

Camera poles efficiently fulfill your surveillance needs

Do you have an area that requires high-quality surveillance? Then DAV NORDIC's camera pole is the solution to your problem. 

Our camera poles are available in cylindrical, conical, and stepped versions, so you can get the look and function you're looking for. Our camera poles are especially used in areas where CCTV is required, i.e. where surveillance is needed for access control. 

Our camera poles are highly functional and provide an extremely stable base for your surveillance. This makes DAV NORDIC camera poles particularly suitable for video surveillance with zoom. The poles have a maximum deflection of 0.5% at a load of 0.1 m² and a weight of 10 kg according to DS/EN 40 Eurocode 1. Their stability is comparable to the best lattice poles.​

Camera poles have many smart features that ensure low maintenance and stable operation

All our camera poles are CE marked and are calculated according to EN 40-3-3. They can be supplied with a topcoat that is both anti-sticker and anti-graffiti, ensuring low operating costs for maintenance. 

We guarantee a minimum lifetime of 25 years in C3 environments. All our camera poles must be cast in shrink-free concrete. They are delivered with foot flanges and can also be delivered with a concrete foundation. 

Our camera poles are also available as tilt poles (a feature that allows them to be tilted so you can reach the top without a lift). This makes it incredibly easy to maintain and adjust the camera when needed.​