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Expansion joints - mageba ​

​DAV NORDIC has become a distributor of expansion joints and bridge bearings from mageba. mageba is a world leader in their field.

This means that we can supply, install and repair expansion joints for all bridges in Denmark. In addition, we can supply bridge bearings.

Expansion joints allow bridges to move in several different directions, which means that impacts are not transmitted first between the bridge and the road on land. Expansion joints and bridge bearings absorb both horizontal and vertical impact, among other things from traffic, wind and particularly cold and heat impacts of steel and concrete bridges.

The larger the bridge, the greater the movement and load.

​Read more here: mageba-group

Contact our ​skilled project manager and hear more

Christoffer H. Jensen

Phone: 53 34 33 16

Mail: chj@davnordic.dk

mageba offers several different types of joints, they can be seen below:​​





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