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Concrete crash barrier

In Denmark, BDK concrete crash barriers are utilised

​BDK crash barrier is a Danish manufactured concrete barrier, developed in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and the Danish Road Directorate.

The BDK barriers are not collision-tested and CE marked and are therefore used mainly for repairs of sections where the barrier has been already installed.

On some stretches, another older Danish developed concrete barrier with the name DK 10 is utilised. The guard is only used for repairs of existing sections.

Type BDK 2.1​

Type BDK 3.1​

​Concrete crash barrier type BDK 3.1 is used as a reinforced barrier connected to bridges, and as protection for fixed objects. Objects that do not meet the European standard for road equipment compliance (EN 12767) or objects that pose a greater risk of overturning, or abruptly stopping the vehicle.